To unite ALL Taekwondo in South Africa under one banner through internationally standardized rules.


To ensure that all Taekwondo practitioners get an equal opportunity to take part in championships on equal footing with all other Taekwondo practitioners in SA.

Who we are

We have one main aim – grow the spectator aspect of Taekwondo in SA, showcase Taekwondo in SA and promote TKDSA to a unified level so as to offer real championships with large numbers of competitors.


How we do it

The only way to get the standard of Taekwondo in South Africa up to an acceptable international level is by everyone joining forces in competition – sparring & katas (or hyung or poomsae).


Get involved

The best way to help build an organisation is to become involved and help build the organisation. We don’t believe in sport politics of any kind and will not get involved in your club/s or methods of teaching.


Calendar 2013



SATA referee course to be held in Centurion




1st SATA championships to be held in Pretoria




SATA referee course to be held in Centurion




2nd SATA championships to be held in Pretoria


Welcome to SATA

Are you an instructor or Taekwondo student who has been dissapointed with the way Taekwondo is being run and managed by the powers that be in South Africa?

Then do not wait a moment longer, get involved with SATA and help build Taekwondo in South Africa to the spectatorsport and membership level it should have been years ago.

SATA aims to do the following to promote Taekwondo in South Africa:

1. SATA to host three championships annually.

2. To encourage other clubs/organizations to hold regular competitions and to have them invite as many clubs as possible.

3. To hold quarterly referee courses to ensure fair and consistent interpretation of rules during competitions and championships.

4. To have competitive teams representing South Africa participate in international competitions by 2014.

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